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Indonesian to English
laba profit, benefit
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laba bersihearning net margin
laba brutogross profit
laba dari penjualan aktivacapital gain
laba ditahanretained earning
laba ekonomibusiness income
laba jangka panjanglong-run profit
laba komersialcommercial income
laba kotor penjualangross selling profit
laba kotor per bagiandepartment gross profit
laba luar biasaextra ordinary gain
laba marjinalmarginal profit
laba modalreturn on capital
laba modal tetapinterest on fixed asset
laba normalnormal profit
laba operasi per departemendepartment-operational profit
laba perusahaan cabangbranch profit
laba rencatanretained eamings
laba sebelum pajakincome before income tax
laba usahaincome from operation
laba yang belum direalisasiunrealized profit
noun the excess of revenues over outlays in a given period of time (including depreciation and other non-cash expenses)
verb derive a benefit from
verb make a profit; gain money or materially
noun the advantageous quality of being beneficial
noun Acquisition beyond expenditure; excess of value received for producing, keeping, or selling, over cost; hence, pecuniary gain in any transaction or occupation; emolument; as, a profit on the sale of goods.
verb To be of service to; to be good to; to help on; to benefit; to advantage; to avail; to aid; as, truth profits all men.
verb To gain advantage; to make improvement; to improve; to gain; to advance.
source: WordNet 3.0


sebab bagi kami laba bukanlah tujuannya semata.
because we don't see profit as a blunt instrument.
laba tertinggi atas investasi
that the highest return on investment
sebagai perusahaan penelitian berbasis laba di Silicon Valley.
as a for-profit research enterprise in Silicon Valley.
atau motif laba -- makin besar amplifikasi keunggulan yang mereka peroleh.
or the profit motive -- the more leverage they'll get.
mari kita ambil laba dari Microsoft.
let's say the revenue of Microsoft.
Dan saya belajar banyak mengenai laba dan pendapatan, mengenai daya ungkit, dan lain-lain,
And I learned about profit and revenue, about leverage, all sorts of things,