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Indonesian to English
lah 1. 1) particle urging action. 2) That is it ! Believe me ! (particle requesting belief). 3) particle of assent. 4) particle marking predicate. 5) trivializing particle (with question words). 2. see LH
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lahad(Islam) niche in the wall of a grave for the corpse.
lahakrotten, spoiled (of food).
lahansheet, felt, woolen cloth, velver
lahaprevenous, gluttonous
laharlava, volcanic modflow
lahar basaltbasaltic lava
lahatsee LAHAD.
laherball bearing
lahirexternal, extrinsic, outward, wordly, material, be born, born, come into being
lahir dengan nasib yang baikhad a good start in life
lahir matistillborne
lahir sebagai rajaborn a king
lahiriahexternal, extrinsic, physical, material