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obat pencuci perut laxative
obat pencuci perutpurgative
obat pencuci perutcastor oil
obat pencuci perut
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noun a mild cathartic
adjective stimulating evacuation of feces
adjective Having a tendency to loosen or relax.
source: WordNet 3.0
obatmedicine, poison, toilerry, chemical preparation, gunpowder
pencucilaundress, laundryman
perutstomach, belly
atau obat pencuci perut dilemparkan
or clyster thrown
juga obat pencuci perut yang
also a clyster
mandi juga obat pencuci perut
bathing also a clyster
sama seperti obat pencuci perut
same as clyster
suntikan atau obat pencuci perut
an injection or clyster