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obligasi debenture, bond
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obligasi atas unjukbearer bond
obligasi bagi labaprofit sharing bond
obligasi bebas pajaktax exempt bond
obligasi berseriserial bond
obligasi definitifdefinitive bond
obligasi dijamin hipotik kapalbotomry bond
obligasi hipotik kapalvessel mortgage bonds
obligasi kapalbottom bond
obligasi luar negeriforeign bond
obligasi pangkalanterminal bond
obligasi pasifmunicipal bond
obligasi pendapatanincome bond
obligasi perdanarefunding bond
obligasi persetujuanassented bond
obligasi perusahaancorporate bond
obligasi sementarainterim bond
obligasi tebuscallable bond
obligasi terdaftarregistered bond
obligasi terundaexternal bond
obligasi yang dijaminsecured bond
noun the ability of a customer to obtain goods or services before payment, based on the trust that payment will be made in the future
noun a certificate or voucher acknowledging a debt
noun A writing acknowledging a debt; a writing or certificate signed by a public officer, as evidence of a debt due to some person; the sum thus due.
noun Any of various instruments issued, esp. by corporations, as evidences of debt. Such instruments (often called debenture bonds) are generally, through not necessarily, under seal, and are usually secured by a mortgage or other charge upon property; they may be registered or unregistered. A debenture secured by a mortgage on specific property is called a mortgage debenture; one secured by a floating charge (which see), a floating debenture; one not secured by any charge a naked debenture. In general the term debenture in British usage designates any security issued by companies other than their shares, including, therefore, what are in the United States commonly called bonds. When used in the United States debenture generally designates an instrument secured by a floating charge junior to other charges secured by fixed mortgages, or, specif., one of a series of securities secured by a group of securities held in trust for the benefit of the debenture holders.
source: WordNet 3.0