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pacific pacific
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noun the largest ocean in the world
adjective relating to or bordering the Pacific Ocean
adjective satellite disposed to peace or of a peaceful nature
adjective satellite promoting peace
adjective Of or pertaining to peace; suited to make or restore peace; of a peaceful character; not warlike; not quarrelsome; conciliatory; as, pacific words or acts; a pacific nature or condition.
source: WordNet 3.0


di North Pacific Gyre.
of the North Pacific Gyre.
dan turun ke jalan besar di Pacific Coast.
and down on the Pacific Coast Highway.
Kita telah mendengar tentang proyek "Tagging of Pacific Predators"
We've heard about the Tagging of Pacific Predators project,
walikota desa kecil saya di Pacific Grove.
the mayor of my little hometown in Pacific Grove.
adalah host untuk ixodes pacificus
are hosts for ixodes pacificus
akuisisi senilai juta georgia pacific
georgia pacific million acquisition
anda maksud pacific standard time
you mean pacific standard time
apakah yang anda maksud pacific
did you mean pacific
asia pacific uclg aspac menandatangani
asia pacific uclg aspac signed
barito pacific timber tbk brpt
barito pacific timber brpt
barito pacific timber wisma barito
barito pacific timber barito
bunga lily dari pacific coast
flowered lily of pacific coast
dari georgia pacific sebesar milyar
of georgia pacific billion
dari pacific coast dari amerika
of pacific coast of united
dari pacific coast yang mengilap
of pacific coast whose glossy
dengan skor sedangkan azusa pacific
victory while azusa pacific
first memiliki pacific first federal
first owns pacific first federal
for asia and pacific programme
for asia and pacific program
georgia pacific corp menawarkan untuk
georgia pacific corp offered to