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paket parcel, package
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paket gelombangwave packet
paket keluaranoutput package
paket kennardkennard packet
paket penyelesaian zarah bebasfree particle solutions packets
paket perjalananpackage tour
paket posparcel post
paket softwaresoftware package
paket wisata musim semisummer package
paket zarah bebasfree particle packets
noun a wrapped container
noun the allotment of some amount by dividing something
verb divide into parts
noun an extended area of land
noun a collection of things wrapped or boxed together
verb cover with strips of canvas
verb make into a wrapped container
noun A portion of anything taken separately; a fragment of a whole; a part.
verb To divide and distribute by parts or portions; -- often with out or into.
adjective Part or half; in part; partially. Shak. [Sometimes hyphened with the word following.]
source: WordNet 3.0


Ini adalah Paket Penderitaan.
This is Pain Pack.
dan mereka di dalam paket kertas kecil.
and they're in little paper packets.
Jadi kami berpikir kami akan membuatnya dalam paket - paket seukuran virus,
so we thought we'd build them in cassettes the size of the viruses
agar kami dapat memvariasikan paket - paketnya
so we could actually vary the cassettes
jadi kalau mendaftar utk TED2003, setiap 6 minggu, anda akan menerima 1 paket
So, when you sign up for TED2003, every six weeks you'll get a care package
Saya pergi ke toko, membelikannya satu paket pembalut wanita.
I went to a local shop, I tried to buy her a sanitary pad packet.
Penghormatan bagi paket Microsoft Office, bukan?
Homage to the Office package, no?
saya ingin menunjukkan paket koqnitif,
I'd like to show you the cognitive suite,
Jadi kami memasukkannya dalam paket awal kami dan saya sangat gembira
So we put it on Kickstarter, and I'm happy to say that,
paket undang-undang baru untuk islandia
package of legislation for Iceland
kepada kompromi, yakni paket combo.
arrived at a compromise, which was the combo pack.
Paket ini tak perlu didinginkan, tak butuh tambahan air,
It doesn't need to be refrigerated, it doesn't need water,
menerima paket dari masa lalu
a parcel saying, from the past,
dengan melepaskan paket coklat kecil
by releasing these little brown packets
memiliki dan memutuskan termin paket penyelamatan.
own and decide on the terms of the rescue package.
dan saya menyebarkan paket 6 kaleng Coca-Cola di lemari es--
and I distributed six-packs of Cokes in the refrigerators --
Namun paket yang saya dapatkan pada surat kemarin
Yet that packaging I got in the mail yesterday
kita akan menaruh sejumlah paket teknologi di sana,
we're going to put some package of technology on there,
bahwa pola ini dapat dilipat menjadi sebuah paket yang sangat padat
this could fold down into an extremely compact package
dan ia terlipat menjadi sebuah paket kecil yang rapi.
and it indeed folds up into a neat little bundle.