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radial radial
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radiallahu-anhu(Islam) May God bless him, exclamation uttered after the mention of o. of Muh.'s companions or the prophets.
adjective relating to or near the radius
adjective relating to or moving along or having the direction of a radius
noun pneumatic tire that has radial-ply casing
adjective issuing in rays from a common center; relating to rays of light
adjective satellite arranged like rays or radii; radiating from a common center
adjective Of or pertaining to a radius or ray; consisting of, or like, radii or rays; radiated; as, (Bot.) radial projections; (Zoöl.) radial vessels or canals; (Anat.) the radial artery.
source: WordNet 3.0


namun lurus: lengan pelacak radial dan linier.
went straight: a radial, linear tracking tone arm.
adalah radial biasanya berusuk dan
is usually radially ribbed and
atau radial dari kayu esp
or radial of wood esp
bagian melintang tangensial atau radial
sections transverse tangential or radial
ban pneumatik yang memiliki radial
pneumatic tire that has radial
bingkai dengan lengan radial atau
frame with radial arms or
biradially simetris dengan sifat hermafrodit
biradially symmetrical hermaphroditic
cara lahir cephalic yaitu radial
cephalic that is radial
jari jari atau tabung radial
the radii or radial tubes
lima bagian tubuh simetris radial
five part radially symmetrical bodies
melintang tangensial atau radial dari
transverse tangential or radial of
memiliki silinder diatur radial sekitar
having cylinders arranged radially around
pembuluh radial atau kanal anat
radial vessels or canals anat
radial atau tibialis sisi dari
radial or tibial side of
radial dari kayu esp dengan
radial of wood esp by
radial simetris invertebrata laut termasuk
radially symmetrical marine invertebrates including