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seusai after
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adverb happening at a time subsequent to a reference time
adjective satellite located farther aft
adverb behind or in the rear
adjective Next; later in time; subsequent; succeeding; as, an after period of life.
preposition Behind in place; as, men in line one after another.
adverb Subsequently in time or place; behind; afterward; as, he follows after.
source: WordNet 3.0
akan dimulai seusai shalat ied
will start after id prayer
kata sri mulyani seusai bertemu
sri mulyani said after meeting
membuangnya seusai sahur atau usai
throw garbage after sahur or
open house akan dimulai seusai
the activity will start after
seusai bertemu dengan presiden susilo
after meeting president susilo
seusai jamuan makan malam dengan
before dining with
seusai pemilihan presiden pilpres mendatang
after presidential election