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siapa who
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siapa adalahwho''s
siapa akanwho'll
siapa dan yang manawhich is which
siapa diawho he is
siapa geranganwho the bloody hell
siapa kamuwho you are
siapa mempunyaiwho''d
siapa pun yang mendengarlet whoever hears
siapa sajawhomsoever
siapa yangwhom are
siapa yang akanwho is going
siapa yang dapatwhom can
siapa yang di dalamwho is in it
siapa yang di dalam kelompokwho is in the group
siapa yang di luarwho is outside it
siapa yang kauwhom do you
siapa yang mauhe who wills
siapa yang memberikan pengaruhwho shift through influence
siapa yang tidak akanwho will not
siapa [yang dulu]who was
noun a United Nations agency to coordinate international health activities and to help governments improve health services
pronoun Originally, an interrogative pronoun, later, a relative pronoun also; -- used always substantively, and either as singular or plural. See the Note under What, pron., 1. As interrogative pronouns, who and whom ask the question: What or which person or persons? Who and whom, as relative pronouns (in the sense of that), are properly used of persons (corresponding to which, as applied to things), but are sometimes, less properly and now rarely, used of animals, plants, etc. Who and whom, as compound relatives, are also used especially of persons, meaning the person that; the persons that; the one that; whosoever.
source: WordNet 3.0