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tabel table, chart
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tabel aksaracharacter table
tabel amoniaammonia table
tabel balistikbalistik table
tabel deklinasideclination table
tabel integralintegral table
tabel pelumasanlubrication diagram
tabel pengukurancalibration-table
tabel penyesuaianadjustment table
tabel perkembanganprogress chart
tabel terhubungjoining table
tabel udaraair tables
tabel waktu manusia hidupmortality tables
tabel-reduksitable of reduction
tabel-teracalibration table
noun a set of data arranged in rows and columns
noun a piece of furniture having a smooth flat top that is usually supported by one or more vertical legs
noun a piece of furniture with tableware for a meal laid out on it
noun flat tableland with steep edges
noun a company of people assembled at a table for a meal or game
noun food or meals in general
verb hold back to a later time
verb arrange or enter in tabular form
noun A smooth, flat surface, like the side of a board; a thin, flat, smooth piece of anything; a slab.
verb To form into a table or catalogue; to tabulate; as, to table fines.
verb To live at the table of another; to board; to eat.
source: WordNet 3.0