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tentang segala of any
tentang segala
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tentangabout, regarding
segalaall, entirely, wholly


Anak tidak diperbolehkan menulis tentang segala hal
You're not allowed to write about anything
tentang segala hal yang tidak benar di dunia ini
about everything that was wrong with the world
Ini tentang segala jenis ideologi, apapun idenya,
It's about any kind of ideology, any kind of idea
disaat, tentu saja, saya jengkel dengannya tentang segala hal jahatnya di Irak.
when, of course, I was annoyed with him about all of his evil doings in Iraq.
anda mulai berpikir sangat banyak tentang segala sesuatu.
you begin to think very much about everything.
untuk menekan penglihatan saya pada asosiasi-asosiasi tentang segala sesuatu secara khusus di dalam hidup
to repress, my looking at associations in practically anything in life.
tentang segala sesuatu yang terjadi di dalam komputer.
about everything that's going on on the computer.
dengan teliti tentang segala sesuatu
surveillance of anything
Kita bercerita tentang segala hal setiap saat,
We tell stories all the time about everything,


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