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uang money
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uang adalah insentive terbesarmoney is the biggest incentive
uang aktifactive money
uang bankbank money
uang beredarmoney supply
uang berkurs tetaphard currency
uang bernilai tetaphard money
uang cacatbad money
uang cuiianstolen money
uang diambarren money
uang dukabereavement pay
uang gajiemolument
uang ganti rugismart money
uang garansiguarantee fee
uang gelapblack money
uang gereja untuk pendetaprebend
uang hangusdown payment
uang jajanpocket money
uang jaminanstallage
uang jasaa frosting on the cake
uang kecillittle money
noun the most common medium of exchange; functions as legal tender
noun wealth reckoned in terms of money
noun the official currency issued by a government or national bank
noun A piece of metal, as gold, silver, copper, etc., coined, or stamped, and issued by the sovereign authority as a medium of exchange in financial transactions between citizens and with government; also, any number of such pieces; coin.
verb To supply with money.
source: WordNet 3.0