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Indonesian to English
uap steam, vapor, fume
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uap airaqueous vapour
uap air raksamercury-vapour
uap amoniakammonia vapour
uap basahdamp steam
uap batubaracarbonic monoxide
uap bekasexhaust-steam
uap brombromine vapour
uap hilangverlorener
uap jenuhsaturated steam
uap keringdry steam
uap langsungdirect steam
uap minyak tanahpetroleum-vapour
uap sendawanitric fume
uap tak jenuhunsaturated steam
uap tak langsungindirect steam
uap tekanan rendahlow pressure steam
uap tekanan tinggihigh pressure steam
uap tertar-vapour
uap terembunkancondensable vapor
uap tertutupcut-off steam
verb travel by means of steam power
verb emit steam
noun water at boiling temperature diffused in the atmosphere
verb rise as vapor
verb get very angry
verb clean by means of steaming
verb cook something by letting steam pass over it
noun The elastic, aëriform fluid into which water is converted when heated to the boiling points; water in the state of vapor.
verb To emit steam or vapor.
verb To exhale.
source: WordNet 3.0