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Indonesian to English
ulik investigate
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verb investigate scientifically
verb conduct an inquiry or investigation of
verb To follow up step by step by patient inquiry or observation; to trace or track mentally; to search into; to inquire and examine into with care and accuracy; to find out by careful inquisition; as, to investigate the causes of natural phenomena.
verb To pursue a course of investigation and study; to make investigation.
source: WordNet 3.0
adanya operasi penculikan dan telah
of kidnapping operations and have
afghanistan selatan menculik empat pekerja
southern afghanistan abducted four employees
agaknya peristiwa penculikan anak dan
seemed the kidnapping children and
akan adanya operasi penculikan dan
of kidnapping operations and
aku telah menculik gadis itu
i have kidnapped the girl
anak anak diculik yang dipaksa
kidnapped children who were forced
anak anak yang diculik yang
kidnapped children who were
anak anakmu lelaki telah diculik
your sons are taken
anak perempuan yang telah diculik
girls who have been abducted
anda diculik dan ditahan dua
you kidnapped and detained two
anda diculik teman teman kita
you kidnapped our friend
anda penculik kembali dikirim anda
you are the kidnapper sent
apa yang mereka pedulikan adalah
what they care about is
apakah orang yang diculik itu
if the missing man
asal peru yang diculik oleh
from peru snatched by