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valerian valerian
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noun a plant of the genus Valeriana having lobed or dissected leaves and cymose white or pink flowers
noun Any plant of the genus Valeriana. The root of the officinal valerian (V. officinalis) has a strong smell, and is much used in medicine as an antispasmodic.
source: WordNet 3.0
akar valerian dan sumber lainnya
valerian root and other sources
akar valerian khusus menunjuk suatu
valerian root specifically designating an
atau diperoleh dari akar valerian
or obtained from valerian root
dari akar valerian khusus menunjuk
from valerian root specifically designating
dari valerian root secara khusus
from valerian root specifically
diberikan kepada valerian bersifat obat
given to the officinal valerian
diperoleh dari akar valerian dan
obtained from valerian root and
diperoleh dari akar valerian khusus
obtained from valerian root specifically
karena kualitas restoratif nya valeriana
for its restorative qualities valeriana
kepada valerian bersifat obat dan
to the officinal valerian and
kualitas restoratif nya valeriana officinalis
its restorative qualities valeriana officinalis
valerian root secara khusus menunjuk
valerian root specifically designating
valeriana memiliki lobed atau membedah
valeriana having lobed or dissected
valerianic khusus menunjuk salah satu
valerianic specifically designating any one
valerianic secara khusus menunjuk salah
valerianic specifically designating any