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English A Level Distance Learning Develops Communication Skills

English A level distance learning is a stimulating and rewarding experience. English A level study requires in depth understanding of the subject. Distance learning education courses provide the same quality education as traditional on campus study with the flexibility of self paced instruction, no physical attendance and a convenient examination system. An A level English course enhances the understanding and appreciation of the English language. The course provides very useful communication skills. English A Level distance learning courses recommend a prescribed set of textbooks and suggested reading list. Most of English A Levels have special entry requirements. Candidates for A Level are required to have a minimum of 4 GCSEs at grade C and above.

Overview of English A level course

A level in English can be learned through a two year course. The first year is described as AS level and the second year is described as A2 level. Generally, each half of the A Level is split into three units. Examinations are normally in June, but you can appear for some parts of the A Level in January.

AS level English is designed to provide a thorough grounding in the subject. Students learn various features of spoken and written English and are able to comment on their stylistic effect in a knowledgeable way. Students are expected to write on a variety of issues and for different audiences in the AS coursework.

The second year covers advanced features of linguistic style and skills. Students are given an opportunity to focus on an area of personal interest in the A2 level English coursework. As a result they develop English language editorial skills and versatility in writing style.

English A Level Distance Learning Courses

ICS, International Correspondence School, offers over 200 A level distance learning courses ranging from leisure courses to degree qualifications. English A level is one of them. They also offer a 10% discount when you enroll online. Apart from ICS, Oxford Open Learning and Kingston College also offer distance learning courses for English A level. These distance learning courses are linked to nationally recognized qualifications. Accredited qualifications are important while applying for a job or considering higher education. English A level qualifications are highly rated by employers and are required for most university degree courses in English language or literature. They are useful for students even in later life.

English A level distance learning, home study or correspondence courses offer educational and professional advancement for students while allowing them to manage full-time professional and personal responsibilities.
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