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English Grammar Exercises - How to Learn English Grammar Easily!

By Jane Sumerset

You have studied for several years, but the test to learn English grammar puts you to sleep. You start to feel relaxed with the language. You understand most conversations and can follow the thread to watch movies, you can carry out their daily activities and can act on one another with the natives, but your English grammar needs work.

This article teaches you how to learn without studying the grammar rules of English grammar. This assumes that the native English-speaking people around with you. You can still apply these tips if you are not surrounded with English-speaking people, but you will have to work harder.

How much time do you spend in reading English books? Do you feel like enjoying while reading in English? If not, then start there. Ask a librarian at your local library to select books in English that match your current capabilities. For example, if your conversational skills are at an intermediate level, like you can talk with familiar matters, make and respond to simple questions, and began responding to simple statements, and continues discussions face to face, then you start with children’s books. These are quite short so you do not get discouraged, and the language was varied enough to expose you to a rich platform so you can learn English grammar and vocabulary.

If your English skills are at the advanced level, for example, you can participate freely in the works and something more casual conversations, able to give directions or simple explanations on the job, and able to talk about recent developments and future, after you might want to try the young adult literature.

If your skills are still at a beginner level, do not fret. For example, if you can ask questions and make statements based on simple prayers memorized, understand snippets of conversation and simple commands, then search for readers of principle. These are designed for children who just want to learn to read. These books have short sentences and simple vocabulary.

Once you find the right level of books, begin to read regularly. It is best recommended reading at least twenty minutes per day. As you do so, write down the structure of the mental grammar. Well, you find the constructions of grammar that baffle you regularly watch them on paper to discuss later with a native speaker. Help your pronunciation and fluency if you make at least part of their reading aloud. Keep reading English books and as your skills improve, select books that are more difficult.

Reading will be fun and especially when you are exposed to correct English. Best of all, you will get better in English, and you never have to remember another rule of grammar.

Though the course will not cost you any money when you learn English online free, you have to make an investment of time and commitment. You need to take the course seriously to get the most you can out of it. One of the advantages of taking a class online is that you do not have to arrange their work schedule to allow you to attend classes nor is there a specific time in which you have to do their studying. You can open a session at any time and make the lessons at your own pace, reviewing as you feel is so often necessary. Another advantage of it is that there are no textbooks required to buy. If you want you can have your own notebook in which you make notes and you should have a little device in which you can record your own English speaking.

First you have to commit to your learning so that you will not give up as soon as you start to incur mistakes or you encounter difficulties. There are several resources available to help you with the learning process, including a separate section for those who want to learn English whose first language is Chinese. Qualified teachers designed all the lessons and exercises to practice, so that you receive instruction is very similar to what you would receive if you attended a class.

There are free courses in English grammar, which also has a listening component lessons. The lessons are arranged in easy to difficult and you can pass it again as much time as you need in each lesson. The lessons of the starters are in short dialogues read by a native, with whom you can also follow because the words are on the screen. Then you can proceed to a page of instructions on rules related to this specific structure and then with several pages of practical exercises.

For your ease, you can also use an online dictionary that will translate words from English into a variety of world languages. All you have to do is choose the language you want to and typing the word translated into the word. Then the screen will display the translation for you. This is very useful if there are some words in the dialogues or the instructions that you do not understand. Translating into their native language makes it much easier to learn English. Then there are games and other steps that reading and listening as well as opportunities to find pen pals with whom you can communicate personal or private tutors who quickly you can pay per hour if you want.

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