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hodgepodge kb. campur-aduk, gado-gado.
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a motley assortment of things
suatu campuran berbagai macam hal
source: WordNet 3.0


the first one is a kind of hodgepodge,
yang pertama tampak campur aduk,
hodgepodge of tiny shops and
beraneka ragam toko kecil dan
various ingredients a hodgepodge
berbagai bahan gado gado yang
a jumble a hodgepodge often
berserakan gado gado yang sering
hodgepodge often used contemptuously
campur aduk sering digunakan syikal
of various ingredients a hodgepodge
dari berbagai bahan campur aduk
inharmonious a jumble a hodgepodge
tidak harmonis berserakan gado gado


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