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playfully dengan jenaka
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in a playful manner
secara menyenangkan
source: WordNet 3.0
or make fun of playfully
atau mengolok olok main main
a ball for throwing playfully
bola untuk melempar main main
was being playfully cagey about
dengan cerdik bermain main tentang
he playfully
dengan sikap main main hale
gayly playfully recklessly lasciviously
dgn gembira jenaka sembrono lasciviously
coquette to deal playfully
genit untuk menangani main main
leigh was being playfully cagey
leigh dengan cerdik bermain main
loosely sportively gayly playfully
longgar sportively dgn gembira jenaka
playfully or maliciously especially
main main atau jahat terutama
playfully instead of seriously to
main main bukan serius untuk
playfully vexing especially by
main main menjengkelkan terutama oleh
harassing someone playfully or
melecehkan seseorang main main atau
squeeze fondly or playfully
memeras sayang atau main main
deal playfully instead of seriously
menangani main main bukan serius
one who is playfully mischievous
orang yang main main nakal


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