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f f, the 6th letter of the alphabet.
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fa(firma) firm.
faaldeep, work, function, action, sign, omen, view horoscope
fabriksee PABRIK.
fabrikanmaker, manufacturer
fabrikasimanufacture, product
fabrikasi massawhole sale manufacture
factor anisotropianisotropy factor
fadihatdisgrace, shame, ignominy
fadilprominent, eminent, famous
fadilatexcellence, prominence
fadilat,fadzilatexcellence, prominence.
faedahuse, benefit, profit
fahamsee PAHAM.
failasufsee FILSUF.
failitsee FAYIT.


mengirimkan dua skuadron F-15E Fighter Eagles
sent two squadrons of F-15E Fighter Eagles
Tapi sepertinya saya menggunakan kata berbeda yang diawali huruf F.
But I think I probably used a different word starting with the letter "F."
tapi karena saat itu huruf S ditulis berbeda, seperti huruf F.
it's just that the S used to be written differently, kind of like an F.
Lalu jika Christian memainkan nada -- seperti F
So if Christian played a note -- like play an F.
Namun jika Anda memainkan F#,
If you played an F# though,
Wendy F: Dalam hal science, memang saling melengkapi
Wendy Freedman: In terms of the science, they're very complementary.
jika Anda menggunakan kayu bersertifikasi F.S.C.
if you use FSC-certified lumber.
saya akan berhenti mengatakan "F" di depan umum.
I'd stop using the F-bomb in public.
Kumparan ini terhubung ke penguat R.F.
That coil is connected to an R.F. amplifier
Jadi saya telah diberikan nama-nama. Huruf-huruf besar, A,B,C,D,E,F,
So I've given names. The capital letters, A, B, C, D, E, F,
Jika saya menyanyikan nada musik, A, B, C, D, E, F, G --
If I sing you a musical scale: A, B, C, D, E, F, G --
T, sama dengan nada F dalam musik.
T, see it's the same as F in music.
Jadi T adalah F.
So T is F.
T, E, D sama dengan F, E, D.
So T, E, D is the same as F, E, D.
Tongkat golf ini dimiliki oleh John F. Kennedy
The golf clubs were owned by John F. Kennedy


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