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mencabut draw, pull, pull out, revoke, rescind, unsheathe, pluck, pull repeadtedly
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mencabut busiunpluged
mencabut dengan akar-akarnyaroot up
mencabut hak milikrevoking to the right of the ownership
mencabut hak pilihdisfranchise
mencabut hak warisdisinherit
mencabut hibahrevoke to the benefaction
mencabut kembali atas pengakuannyarevoke to his confession
mencabut kuasarevoke to the proxy
mencabutkanextract, pull, draw

Related Word(s)

abrogate, annul, away, concerning, death, deprive, depriving, die, dislodging, drag, draw, dropping, forbid, gather, lift, out, pluck, plucked, plucking, provoke, pull, pulled, recant, removal, remove, removed, removing, repeal, repeals, rescinded, revoke


Sehingga mereka mencabut uang dan projek mereka ke pihak lain yang dapat melayani mereka lebih baik.
So they took their money and their projects to others who would serve them better.
Saya akan mencabut gugatan saya
I'll put down the lawsuit
Dan di sini saya akan mencabut panjang gelombang ganda
And here I'm going to pull out the double wavelengths
atau mencabut koneksi internet Anda
or unplugging your Internet connection
sekaligus mencabut gigi Anda.
and pull your tooth while he was at it.
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