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nica /nika/ [Netherlands Indies Civil Administration] postwar adminitrative system imposed by the Dutch in occupied territories.
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abyssinica dibudidayakan untuk benih nya
abyssinica cultivated for its seeds
acquisition ketchum communications pittsburgh membeli
acquisition ketchum communications pittsburgh acquired
adalah bagian dari warner communications
is part of warner communications
affectedly cukup lemah sentimental finical
affectedly pretty weakly sentimental finical
afrika asteraceous semak guizotia abyssinica
african asteraceous shrub guizotia abyssinica
anak perusahaan dari carlton communications
subsidiary of carlton communications
anda lihat monica bannan adalah
you saw monica bannan is
anda semua veronica inginkan adalah
you all veronica wanted was
apa veronica dan saya tergantung
what veronica and i depended
arsenical pirit yang disebut oleh
arsenical pyrites so called by
asteraceous semak guizotia abyssinica dibudidayakan
asteraceous shrub guizotia abyssinica cultivated
atau arsenical pirit yang disebut
or arsenical pyrites so called
atau saluran anastomosis intercommunication seperti
or ducts anastomosis intercommunication as
bagian dari warner communications inc
part of warner communications inc
baik baik saja berpakaian finically
fine to dress finically


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