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sialan1 s.o. unfortunate, s.t. ill-fated. 2 s.o. or s.t. bringing bad luck. 3 Damn it, exclamation of dissatisfaction.
sialang1 beehive. 2 k.o. tree in which bees commonly build their nest.
sialatsee CIAKLAT.


"Sial! Mengapa Jack? Mengapa?"
"Damn it! Why Jack? Why?"
Kalau makan terlalu banyak, ketiban sial,
She ate too much. She got unlucky.
Mereka berteriak untuk menjalankannya. Suara: Sial.
They're yelling deploy. Voices: Oh shit.
Suara: Jadi kacau. Sial.
Voices: It's going ballistic. Oh shit.
Grup kecil lebih rentan terhadap kecelakaan dan nasib sial.
And small groups are more prone to accidents and bad luck.
dan sangat sial,
and it was very unfortunate,


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