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tinggal bersama abide with
tinggal bersama
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tinggallive, stay, remain
bersamajoint, collective


Di sana kami tinggal bersama orang Inuit.
There we lived with the Inuit
hal ini unik karena dia tinggal bersama istri dan ibunya di Graceland.
which is pretty unique because he lived with both his wife and his mother in Graceland.
Dia tinggal bersama orang tuanya,
She lives with her parents,
dimana mereka tinggal bersama-sama, yang biasa disebut panti asuhan.
residential institutions, usually known as orphanages.
tinggal bersama simpanse di suatu pulau,
with a chimpanzee on some island,
yang tinggal bersama kami di Gedung Putih
who lives with us at the White House
Namun saya tinggal bersama orang-orang ini
But I remained with those people,
seperti kebanyakan orang Afganistan yang tinggal bersama saya.
like many of the Afghans I stayed with.
Karena miskin dan tinggal bersama orang tua,
Dirt poor, living in the home with my parents,
dan tinggal bersama orang tua,
living with my parents,
tentang bagaimana dia dan saudaranya tinggal bersama,
of how she and her siblings live together,
Bagaimana mungkin orang tinggal bersama seorang wanita tapi punya banyak rahasia?
How can one live with a woman while having so many secrets?
-- dan itu saja. Saya kembali tinggal bersama ibu saya.
-- and that was about it. I went back to live with my mum.
"Bagaimana kalau saya melihatnya, apa kami boleh tinggal bersama?" "Tidak."
"But what if I saw them? You know, couldn't we stay together?" "No."
dan tinggal bersama
and stayed with
adalah dia menikah dengan wanita Katolik dan mereka tinggal bersama ibunya
is that he married a Catholic woman, they lived with her mother
Presiden Mandela datang untuk tinggal bersama keluarga saya.
President Mandela came to stay with my family.


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