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English to Indonesian
illiterate tidak berpendidikan, buta huruf
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not able to read or write
tidak dapat membaca atau menulis
source: WordNet 3.0


Child: Our parents are illiterate and we want to teach them how to read and write.
Anak: Orang tua kami buta huruf dan kami ingin mengajari mereka membaca dan menulis.
She is an illiterate girl,
Dia seorang buta huruf,
Their parents are often illiterate,
Seringkali orang tua mereka masih buta huruf,
They've been brought up by mothers who are illiterate,
Mereka dipelihara oleh ibu yang buta huruf
Most of the children there have parents who are illiterate.
Kebanyakan orang tua siswa di sekolah tersebut buta huruf
illiterate women,
yang buta huruf.
she's a grandmother, illiterate, who's a dentist.
dia seorang nenek, buta huruf, yang juga seorang dokter gigi
and 70 percent of the people are illiterate.
dan 70 persen rakyatnya buta huruf.