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only when hanya ketika
only when
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And it's only when you get to your friend's friend's friend's friends
Dan hanya jika temannya teman teman teman anda
And it's only when we honor them
Hanya dengan menghormati,
And it's only when it goes wrong that we start to realize
Hal ini mulai tampak saat kita mulai menyadari
it was only when that technology got into the hands
hanya ketika teknologi itu sampai ke tangan
it's only when ideas take root that things change.
keadaan bisa berubah hanya ketika ide dicetuskan.
only when death is instant
hanya jika kematian itu terjadi secara instan
and this happens only when
yang hanya akan terjadi jika
And only when there was some sort of peace,
Dan hanya saat perdamaian tercapai,
only when you teach perspectives
hanya dengan mengajarkan perspektif
And it was only when he had reached the age of 19
Baru pada saat dia berusia 19 tahun
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