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banyak juga quite a few
banyak juga
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banyakmany, much, have a lot of, excessively, in great quantities
jugaalso, too, even if, no matter what, rather, anyway


Banyak juga yang lain. New Profit di Cambridge,
But there are many others: New Profit in Cambridge,
Tapi ada banyak juga orang di pojok kanan
But then also many people on the far right
Namun ada banyak juga negara-negara Kristen
But there was also many Christian countries
Hampir mirip, banyak juga isu lain terkait keamanan publik
Similarly, many other issues concerning public safety
Banyak juga, tentu saja, yang mirip LOLcats
We're also getting, of course, a lot of LOLcats.


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